The Game of Life

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This is a story to explore (unlike my other team mates ) if you're looking for alternative, up-to-date, and innovative ways of improving your finances, relationships,

spiritual life, career, enjoyment of life, and more. It is a fascinating story, how to tap into a new (and very different) kind of power called “Open Soul Meditation”, to create personal success and happiness in your life, overcome fear, relieve stress, and improve your self-esteem and confidence. You'll find this especially valuable if you've tried self-help approaches before but haven't produced the consistent and lasting results you long for.


I graduated, with a B average and a bad haircut, from Delhi University in 1989. I majored in speech and communications and minored in marketing. I would have double majored but the thought of having twice as much homework changed my mind.

My father had an established business. I joined him because it looked the easiest option. My life took an interesting turn when one day, my father impressed with my performance and potential enrolled me for a weekend motivational seminar organized by one of the top motivational speaker. The duration of the seminar was three days.

Son, This is a chance of lifetime for you, my father told me.

What an experience it was!

I arrived at the seminar and discovered a man in his sixties on stage about to deliver a speech. There were around fifty other participants, men and women. I was probably youngest among them. They all seemed to be wealthy type and well-established folks. . Every single person in the room wore a conservative suit or dress, had an identical planner in black leather casing, and was diligently taking notes on a yellow legal pad. . As I recall, the speech ran something like this: "In my experience, there are two kinds of people in this world. People who have excuses, and people who have money! You have an excuse to give me? You keep it to yourself." And: "I say to people everywhere I go, 'If you're so smart, why aren't you rich?'"

I soon realized that every single person in the room worshipped the ground this man walked on, the primary (perhaps the only) reason being that he was very successful.

Only later on I realized that why everyone was giving him so much respect.
He kept on speaking passionately for 3-4 hours and then announced a break for lunch. There was a massive standing ovation as he left the podium, which I reluctantly joined only after I was the last one left sitting.

I didn't see why this was a chance in a lifetime, but it looked like people were crowding in as if they'd been waiting their entire lives just to touch him. Still I hung back.

The first day ended and the speaker kept on talking about the goal setting , Role of positive mental attitude in life , time management , inter personal skills , motivation , self esteem , affirmations , visualization etc .

He kept on moving from one feel good story to another to emphasis his points, and I found the stories very interesting and inspiring. That was the only part I liked on the first day.

It was the next day, when I tried to figure out –what was he up to that the doubt started to creep in. Why isn't he telling me anything, which is practical?
All this pompous talk about values and goals and dreams without telling me the nitty-gritty details. Unlike me, the rest of participants were all rich and successful, super right-wing, fiftyish men and women who were in every way identical to the speaker at the meeting, and they all talked along these lines: You're going to get successful just like us, but you must be willing to work very hard.
You must really WANT to achieve success, and you must listen hard and take notes when you hear the speaker. I was very unhappy at the end of the second day and thought that I have actually wasted my time and my company’s money.

That night I run down a list of things that were bothering me. I could finally pin point that, what was bothering me the most was that the speaker was raising the right questions; I mean he was touching the real problems areas of human life without giving any practical Solution.

In the evening when he wound up the seminar, he invited participants to come on the stage and share their experience.

I liked the experience.

I took the self-help world with commitment.

It did produce result for my father’s business –of course – that made him happy.

He enrolled and pushed me to attend more such self-help workshops. I gladly obliged him. I dove back into the self-help world with renewed commitment. I have attended most of the so-called self-help or motivational or attitude building classes available in India.
As I read more books, listened to more tapes, and went to more seminars, I began to see a pattern. While the words, metaphors, and stories varied, most of the self-help systems I experienced communicated the same basic message. "You have unlimited power and can create anything you consciously want if you just use 'X' technique or strategy."
Sound familiar? But you know what? I experienced three BIG problems with that message:
The techniques didn't help me produce the results I wanted. Despite a lot of hard work and dedication, I kept sinking deeper and deeper into my "black hole." I listened to the stories about the results the self-help teachers produced using their techniques and strategies. I read the testimonials about the results other people produced. But it wasn't working for me and it made me really mad because I knew I was following the instructions to the letter. One of the most prestigious company providing such courses successfully worldwide ,even gave me client of the year award also . Something was missing …. Though i was getting good results to start with but in long term I was actually feeling more confused ,de motivated and stressed out . 

Why? That was the question that haunted me!
It became clear to me that something was missing from the traditional self-help systems. It became clear to me that there was a missing link, something the teachers and "gurus" didn't know (or weren't talking about).
Then a friend told me about open soul meditation technique .

I've read how great and helpful meditating has been for many people. I wanted to experience what they were experiencing even though I wasn't exactly sure what that was! First off, let me just say I have never really meditated in any kind of serious or consistent way. To start with, It's been a struggle for me to quiet my mind and I was never quite sure of its purpose. I couldn't quite grasp the concept of doing something with no expectations or goals.

I had an interesting and humorous experience

Here's what happened, when I met my spiritual guru very first time

I looked over and Guru Ji was sitting on a couch. He was this guy in his mid-fifties with speckled gray and brown hair, beard, and wearing this white robe. The typical robe ,a guru, is portrayed as wearing in a lot of religious imagery. But this guy was different. He was very relaxed and laid back. He was kinda slouched down with his arms resting on the back of the couch and his legs were crossed. He looked like any average Joe relaxing on a Sunday afternoon watching football. AND.I could have sworn I saw blue jeans peaking out from under his robes! I chuckled to myself thinking how different this image was from how I was raised to believe God would appear.
It's almost like he was pantomiming or mocking me, but in a very loving way! He opened one of his eyes to see if I was looking. When our gazes met, we both busted out laughing.

Without opening his mouth to speak, and with a hint of remaining laughter in his voice(?) he said to me, "Jay, you don't have to meditate like other people, whatever way you mediate IS the right way for you. It's not about sitting in the right position or exercising the correct technique, it's about quieting and slowing down your body and mind enough to create an open space. In that space you'll hear the pin drop that is me."
His style of communicating this message was absolutely perfect. He was so gentle. His use of humor defused the stress and worry I generally feel regarding "doing it right." Perhaps that's what made the situation so funny to me.
I knew that I was hooked to the place and my spiritual guru. He then introduced me to open soul meditation.

I can't explain in words how good it feels to see the open soul meditation technique produced results for me - results that pulled me like a magnet towards a new way of living, my life and getting what I wanted most.

To end my story, I can only appeal you that – Give it a chance – I can assure you that open soul meditation can do wonders in your life.




Open soul meditation technique renders your actions more efficient, productive & progressive. Above all, open soul mediation technique directs you to the realization of your Self- the goal of human existence.


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