What is Meditation?


Meditation can be associated with the state of mind or the practice wherein a person induces his/her state of awareness. It uses techniques to promote calmness, compassion, forgiveness, peace and more. Based on a theory, this technique correlated to exercise because it trains the brain to function better. Historically, this practice is associated with many religions as a method of connecting to a higher being, channelling our real source of energy, or contemplating one’s actions and thoughts. Today, even non-religious individuals regularly meditate because of its benefits to the body and mind.

Studies reveal that meditation helps relieve stress and permanently regulates emotions in the brain. This allows us to ultimately be in control of our emotions and feelings, thus reducing the need for anti-anxiety medications. In other words, meditation serves as a natural way of healing our bodies and minds. Another advantage from this practice is enhanced concentration. Studies revealed that constant meditation promotes memory, focus, and multi-tasking. Meditation helps you Real individuals swear by that their work performance has significantly improved after series of meditation.

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Another study also revealed that meditation slows aging by changing brain physiology since it increases the number of brain cells and produce longer telomeres which are caps on chromosomes that indicate biological age. So if you want to feel more youthful on the inside, this method is a great practice to maintain. Another great benefit from meditation is strengthened immune and cardiovascular systems. At a relaxed state, your body produces nitric oxide which opens up blood vessels and lowers blood pressure.

It also has been discovered that this technique increases brain signalling on the left side of the prefrontal cortex which is responsible for positive emotions. At the same time, the right side which stores negative emotions has become less active. Practicing meditation allows us to connect with our feelings. It makes us view things more clearly since there are no distractions or influences. It helps us optimistic and contented of our current state in life. Moreover, meditation also builds empathy and compassion which can in turn help improve our relationships. Thus, if you’re in a state of confusion, emotional breakdown, and hurt – meditation is a good source of liberation.


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Meditation also encourages you to make healthier options for your body. Since you’re able to find a calm state of mind, you don’t need to be under the influence of anything potentially harmful such as drugs and alcohol to relax yourself. Moreover, the deeper spiritual connection allows you to realize the importance of your body. You become grateful of such gift that you feel the need to treat it like a temple, thus the desire to feed it with more natural food.

The practice also promotes self-awareness and acceptance that boosts one’s entire well-being. It makes you face realties that you can’t change and efficiently utilize your current resources to improve your life or solve pending problems on hand. Meditation helps you realize and accept your limits, inner desires, and ignored issues. In effect, you become more detached to negative thinking such as anger and violence. It also makes you more confident in your own skin since you don’t have to try so much in changing the unchangeable.


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